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Cisco SD-WAN Design

Cisco SD-WAN Design This project involved designing a secure Cisco SD-WAN network for a security-sensitive pharmaceutical company, ensuring compliance with their requirements. The solution included zero-trust authentication, encrypted tunnels, traffic isolation, firewalling, and advanced security features to protect against both external and internal threats while utilizing cost-effective internet transport for cloud-based applications.

Information Technology

Automated Network Troubleshooting

In this project, we aimed to streamline the process of handling network escalations in a Linux-based network infrastructure. By developing a Python script that opened relevant web pages and dashboards with pre-configured time filters, engineers saved valuable time and ensured comprehensive investigation. The project resulted in improved efficiency, accuracy, and collaboration, enhancing the overall troubleshooting experience for the team.

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Network Scaling: OSPF to BGP

This case study outlines a migration project from OSPF to BGP in order to address scalability challenges and improve administrative control in a network infrastructure. The migration plan includes establishing supporting infrastructure, overlaying BGP configurations, activating the BGP core, and performing final cleanup, resulting in improved network scalability and optimized routing.

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Enterprise Infrastructure Automation

This case study outlines the implementation of network automation mechanisms, including Python scripting, workflow automation, log collection and analysis, and alarming mechanisms. This project transformed the formerly non-automated network into an efficient and cost-effective infrastructure. The project has achieved improved operational efficiency, reduced downtime, and enhanced network performance, leading to significant benefits for customer.

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