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At Tembo, we offer comprehensive cybersecurity services to assess and enhance the security posture of organizations. Our expert team is well-versed in industry best practices and cutting-edge technologies, providing a range of services to protect your valuable assets and sensitive data from evolving cyber threats. Let us delve into the methods we employ to safeguard your cyber infrastructure.

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Information Technology

Enterprise Infrastructure Assessment


Our Infrastructure Assessment entails a comprehensive review of a client's IT assets, spanning networks, systems, and applications. We identify their digital landscape and uncover potential security vulnerabilities. Our experienced consultants provide detailed reports and actionable recommendations. Together with clients, we implement solutions to counteract these threats.

Security Monitoring and Detection

Through our Security Monitoring and Detection services, we collaborate with premier SIEM vendors and utilize AI-driven technologies for real-time threat detection and response. By consistently analyzing network traffic, system logs, and security events, we proactively identify and neutralize potential threats, enhancing your infrastructure's security.


Security Awareness Training


Our Security Awareness Training equips employees to counter cybersecurity risks. We offer engaging sessions on threats, data protection, and password security, cultivating a vigilant culture and promoting incident reporting to enhance organizational security against cyberattacks.

Security Assessment and Audits

Our Security Assessments and Audits provide a deep dive into your organization's security, reviewing systems, processes, and policies. We pinpoint vulnerabilities, compliance gaps, and offer insights to fortify your security. Our evaluations guide informed decisions, ensuring improvements and regulatory compliance.


Pen Testing


Our Penetration Testing services mimic cyberattacks to assess and bolster your security measures. Our team identifies vulnerabilities, tests them safely, and offers remediation advice. Through these tests, we fortify your systems against threats and improve your security stance.

Security Policy Development

Our Security Policy Development crafts tailored policies to safeguard your infrastructure and data. We collaborate with you to understand unique needs and industry norms, focusing on areas like access controls and incident response. Our clear guidelines bolster your security stance and ensure compliance with pertinent standards.

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